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The Target Systems Team of Information Assurance (IA) Professionals are Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSPs). Our team is fully vetted in IA issues and technologies with decades of combined experience in the field.  While our main area of expertise has been in the support of Department of Defense systems during the certification and accreditation process; Target’s IA team is also doing work in support of multiple commercial and government clients, including work with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and area healthcare practices.  (For more information on Healthcare Support, please see our “Healthcare” page under the Solutions tab).

Our IA staff has extensive experience in the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Program (DIACAP) for the Department of the Navy.  Two of our IA staff are fully qualified Navy Certification Agents.  Their years of experience in support of the Navy Certification Authority (CA) and the Operational Designated Approval Authority (ODAA) is extensive and we have validated many system packages which ultimately receive full Authorities to Operate (ATO).

Target Systems specializes in doing both system and infrastructure assessments as well.  This entails a qualified IA professional scanning your machine(s) to determine existing vulnerabilities, then producing a solutions report to mitigate or eliminate discovered threats.  These assessment scans are a formidable weapon in ensuring that your infrastructure and data remains secure and accessible.

The majority of our programming and development support staff complete and pass the Security+ certification course which qualifies them, under government regulations, to have privileged access into a myriad of government systems that Target Systems supports.

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